What parts of your business have been dictated by someone else without you even realizing it?

My guess is almost every aspect.

I am often asked who my best customer is.

Every time, I say a humble, hungry learner who is comfortable constantly challenging the status quo.

Here is a great set of thoughts on humility from Shane Parrish set up by one of the wisest Stoics:
“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.” — Epictetus 

  • Humility is the anecdote to arrogance. Humility is a recognition that we don’t know, that we were wrong, that we’re not better than anyone else.
  • Humility is simple to understand but hard to practice.
  • Humility isn’t a lack of confidence but an earned confidence. The confidence to say that you might not be right, but you’ve done the diligence, and you’ve put in the work.
  • Humility keeps you wondering what you’re missing or if someone is working harder than you. And yet when pride and arrogance take over, humility flees and so does our ability to learn, adapt, and build lasting relationships with others.
  • Humility won’t let you take credit for luck. And humility is the voice in your mind that doesn’t let small victories seem larger than they are. Humility is the voice inside your head that says, ‘anyone can do it once, that’s luck. Can you do it consistently?’
  • More than knowing yourself, humility is accepting yourself.

Challenge the Status Quo

Did you know that a Roman engineer determined the size of the space shuttle engine 2000 years beforehand?

The width of the engines that powered the space shuttle—one of the most complex machines humankind has ever created—was determined over two thousand years ago by a Roman road engineer.
Yes, you read that correctly.

The engines were 4 feet 8.5 inches wide because that was the width of the rail line that would carry them from Utah to Florida. The width of that rail line, in turn, was based on the width of tramlines in England. The width of the tramlines, in turn, was based on the width of the roads built by the Romans: 4 feet 8.5 inches.

To repeat: The best leaders are humble, hungry, learners who are comfortable challenging the status quo.

What parts of your business have been dictated by someone else without you even realizing it?  My guess is almost every aspect.

Something to think about.

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Be Exceptional!

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