As a Catalyst Growth Advisors client you are provided the following two offerings:

1. ScalingUp-based Coaching Program

Using the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits ScalingUp framework for mid-market companies, together, we will create a deliberate, action-oriented and accountable framework to decide and execute the four main decisions every growth company must get right – People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash.  Together we will have completed a succinct yet comprehensive strategic plan covering core company items such as Mission, Values, Customer, et al, as well as a simply articulated execution plan by month, quarter, year driven by your long term goals.  Click here for more details.

2. Special ScalingUp-based Coaching Program for MA companies only

Through the Workforce Training Fund Express Program (WTFEP), CGA has been registered and granted approval to provide leadership training and development services to any Massachusetts employer subsidized through WFTEP up to a 50% discount.  This program is similar to the One Year Coaching program above.

Any qualifying MA employer can apply through the program and within a few weeks be awarded up to $30K per year in matching funds to a number of CGA pre-approved programs.  Please contact us for more information.

Click here for more details.

3. C-Suite Roundtable – 3HAG/ScalingUp-based

Please click here to learn more.

Customer Testimonial
Global Educators is a CEO-by-committee, three-owner small business that is unique in terms of our organizational structure. We brought Bill Flynn in as we were at a point in our growth where we believed we needed more systems and accountability in our business to take us to the next level. 
For businesses that are ready to think deeply about the kind of business they are and want to become, Bill Flynn would be an excellent choice.Jeff, Rich, and Nick – “The GE Board”

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