As a Catalyst Growth Advisors client you are provided the following two offerings:

1. Customer Development Service for early-stage startups. 

Step by step guidance for startups to assess their product market fit through an accelerated interview process. Click above for more detail.

2. Growth Roadmap Development for mid-market companies ($5MM+). 

A  deliberate, action-oriented and accountable framework to review the four main decisions every growth company must get right – People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. After 6+ full -day sessions, each company will have addressed and created an action plan for their main current challenges.  Together we will have completed a succinct yet comprehensive strategic plan covering core company items such as Mission, Values, Customer, et al, as well as a simply articulated execution plan by month, quarter, year and beyond that all fits on one page (well, really both sides of one page).  Click above for more detail.

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