Help your employees reflect on past accomplishments

I like the ideas and questions to ask your team members that are included in this HBR article. I think the name is a bit misleading (at least it was to me) but, I believe, it does have some useful information. The gist of the article is to be curious and open so you are askingContinue reading “Help your employees reflect on past accomplishments”

Strategic Planning – Taking advantage of market white space

Strategy is about thinking. Planning is about doing. We are in the season of thinking about the future. This article from Graham Kenny hits on several important topics to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Mr. Kenny offers more detail in his HBR article – Strategic Planning should be a Strategic Exercise. IMPORTANT – IContinue reading “Strategic Planning – Taking advantage of market white space”

Lead by Design: Interview with Alan Mulally

Alan Mulally is the leader I speak about the most – in my book and with clients. He turned around two iconic companies during existential economic crises that were seemingly tailor-made to destroy each – Boeing during 9/11 and Ford during the 2008 Recession. This is a feat few others, if any, can match. What I alsoContinue reading “Lead by Design: Interview with Alan Mulally”

How to Hire Great People – TED Talk

Want to hire great people and keep them from quitting? 4 strategies that work. If you are wondering how to mitigate the impact of great people leaving during this unusual time or anytime, Suzanne Lucas has some great tips and tricks to help you. Here is what I took away from this brief and useful article:Continue reading “How to Hire Great People – TED Talk”

The genius with a thousand helpers

Jim Collins talks about the concept above in several of his books. It revolves around a leader who has been unable to foster autonomy in the team. This approach contributes to the slowing of the business. Decisions take longer, customers get scripted service, and the team learns helplessness. It is an easy trap to getContinue reading “The genius with a thousand helpers”

How to establish and sustain organizational health

The ability to deliver superior financial and operating performance over the long term by aligning around a clear vision, strategy, and culture; to execute with excellence, and to renew the organizations focus overtime by responding to market trends – aka resilience. McKinsey Consulting (paraphrased) Vision drives strategy by showing the entire team what success looks likeContinue reading “How to establish and sustain organizational health”

Leaders Have The Power To Create Time

Leaders have the power to create time! Good initial decisions pay dividends for years, allowing free time and lower stress. Poor decisions waste time, increase anxiety, and drain energy. Good decisions need good thinking. According to Daniel Kahneman, Nobel prize winner, slowing your thinking is critical when making important decisions. If you are constantly busy,Continue reading “Leaders Have The Power To Create Time”

Why diverse groups are better for decision making

In a twelve year old article from Kellogg School of Management, which is also backed up by recent research of how cognitive diversity in a group setting has many positive effects such as: Mitigating unconscious bias Fostering new ideas Merging different ideas Enhanced learning Improved problem solving Better decision making Enhancing compassion, the authors explainContinue reading “Why diverse groups are better for decision making”