1:1 “Take the Guesswork out of Growth” Executive Coaching – Startup to Scale-up

Clarity, Alignment, and Competence are cornerstones of any team’s or organization’s success

“Congratulations on your successes – so well deserved, and more important so helpful to the world… and yes I do have (and so appreciate) your book!” – Amy Edmondson, HBS professor, author and coiner of term “psychological safety”.

“Bill provides some of the highest ‘value per word’ of any consultant (coach) I’ve ever met.” – Erik Waters, Co-Owner/CFO, Adtech Systems

Don’t let your business outgrow you or your team

Make yourself useless. Create and execute on a compelling vision so the team is aligned to run the day to day.

Whether you are a CEO leading the entire organization or a team leader, your primary job is to predict and plan for the future. Taking the guesswork out of growth is about predicting the future by creating it for yourself, your team and your business.

Firing yourself from the day-to-day is your first step to freeing up time and space to improve skills, create psychological safety, agency and autonomy for you and the team(s) leading to higher productivity, engagement and improved achievement.

The ultimate goal of our engagement is to increase the amount of hours spent on the business, you and your team versus in the business, running the day to day. This is accomplished by creating alignment, deepening clarity, accelerating healthy team and profitable growth, and predicting and planning for the future. 

How To Get There

When I work successfully with clients, they are humble, hungry, learners who are comfortable challenging the status quo.

Many leaders find themselves having to move continually between Strategic/Visionary activities, and Tactical/Operational responsibilities.  Few leaders have peers in their organization to help them to assess, prioritize and focus on building long-term value for the future. 

I help you find structure and build habits and discipline, for yourself and your team, to ensure that you are focusing on the few things that truly matter to the two most important constituents in your business – your team and your customers. Please find a list of some of the engagement topics below:

  • Blind spot detection – Identify skills and knowledge gaps to increase individual and team performance and alignment 
  • Vision, Strategy and Tactics
    • Business Strategy development and validation 
    • Effective Operational Systems and Processes
    • Vivid vision creation and development 
    • Team alignment
  • Leadership and communication
    • Neuroleadership – Creating a brain friendly organization through evidence-based coaching
    • Functional organizational frameworks versus traditional org charts
  • Accountability for personal and business decisions for growth
  • Tools, resources and counsel to help develop and guide key team members toward optimal performance
  • Ad hoc problem solving – Solve the problem causing the problem right in front of you

This will be accomplished through a combination of coaching, instruction, gap analysis, being a truth-telling sounding board, offering subject matter advice and brainstorming.

Offering Summary

  • Kickoff – Initial 360 and behavioral assessment 
  • Weekly one hour calls – designed to move our agenda forward, address impromptu issues
  • Texts and email contact between calls – provided when urgent issues arise
  • Six month and one year packages available

“Bill’s principles, framework, and methodologies align very closely to my own Working Together Principles that were applied to measurable success at Boeing and Ford. I was proud to nominate Bill as an MG100 member to help us advance systemic, extensive leadership development that increasingly creates healthy, thriving businesses, and enhances human flourishing. I look forward to our continued work.” – Alan Mulally (former CEO, Boeing Commercial Aircraft, and Ford Motor Company)

Please contact me at bill@catalystgrowthadvisors.com or 978-314-9888 to learn more.

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