Further, Faster book resources


The following resources are connected to to my book, Further, Faster. You can order the book here. If you prefer the free pdf download, click here – more difficult to read but hey, it’s free!

  1. Further, Faster checklist

Part 1 – Performance is a Team Sport

  1. Best of We”, “Best of Me” Employee Engagement survey (Nine Lies)
  2. Functional Org Chart example
  3. Sample Key Process Flow Map (KPFM) – How we make money
  4. Sample KPFM II – Marketing
  5. Sample KPFM III – Demand Generation
  6. Core Values exercise
  7. BONUS! – Core Values Reality Check
  8. BONUS! – Core Values Sample Interview questions guide
  9. Core Purpose exercise
  10. BONUS! – Core Purpose Reality Check
  11. BHAG exercise

Part 2a – Create a Strategy/Execution System

  1. BONUS! – Vivid Vision book link
  2. BHAG exercise
  3. Core Customer blog post link
  4. 3HAG questions
  5. 3HAG Priorities – Please see 3HAG questions above
  6. 1HAG Priorities
  7. QHAG/90-day Priorities
  8. BONUS! Meetings with Purpose sample agendas

Part 2b – Craft and Codify Customer → Advocate Process

  1. Sales Playbook (Influenced by Jack Daly)
  2. BONUS! – Customer -> Advocate Playbook (Influenced by Joey Coleman)
  3. BONUS! – Power of Moments exercise
  4. BONUS! – Power of Moments One Pager

Part 3 – Cash is King!

  1. Cash Conversion Cycle exercise (a.k.a. Cash Acceleration Strategies)

Complete set of Further, Faster images

  1. Predicting your company’s growth curve
  2. Further, Faster Growth Framework (a.k.a. The House)
  3. Function-Organizational Chart
  4. Key Process Flow Map – Example
  5. Key Process Flow Map Phase II
  6. Key Process Flow Map Phase III
  7. Head of Company 3×5 function card
  8. Take the Next Step (cavemen graphic)