Take the Guesswork out of Growth

Our leaders achieve two main outcomes:

  1. Confident prediction of critical business metrics over a rolling, three-year period.
  2. Optimal enterprise value.

This 9-minute video illustrates our ultimate goal. Create more time and space to predict the future by firing yourself from day to day operations

The Problem

Most businesses fail (50% w/in 5 years, 75% w/in 15 years, acc. to U.S. SBA), many struggle, and few thrive.

Why does this happen?

  1. There is a meaningful gap between what science knows and business does. Conventional wisdom and intuition are relied on too often.
  2. Few things truly matter, but those that do matter tremendously. Leaders do not spend enough time here.
  3. Leaders rely too much on effort, luck, timing and force of will to achieve “success”. These do not scale profitably.

We work with leaders to take the guesswork out of growth by:

  1. Helping them to fire themselves from the day-to-day
  2. Focusing significantly more time creating the environment to confidently predicting the future of the business.

“Strive not to get more done, but to have less to do.”

– Francine Jay

Our optimal client is the head of the company who has many or all of the following characteristics :

  • Encourages and respects input to clarify and improve direction
  • Challenges industry and company dogma 
  • Looking for a predictable, healthy growth strategy 
  • 3+ on the leadership team
  • Practices continual improvement

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Three main areas of focus

  1. Performance is a team sport (TEAMS) – The attracting, hiring and training of highly motivated and skilled people and placing them in the right jobs and on the right teams.
  2. Coherent business operating system (STRATEGY/EXECUTION) – An industry dominating, outcome-based, customer-focused strategy executed to near perfection.
  3. Funding phenomenal growth (CASH) – Focusing on cash as primary financial metric.
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