Take the Guesswork out of Growth

In order to confidently predict the future of your business you have to fire yourself from the day to day to focus on the few things that truly matter for success.

Our optimal client has the following characteristics :

  • CEOs and Business Owners who invite and respect input to clarify and improve direction
  • Challenges industry and company dogma 
  • Realizes a proven growth framework is needed to scale in a healthy and thriving way 
  • Eager to begin to fire themselves from the day to day 
  • 3+ on the leadership team
  • $10MM – $500MM
  • New England-based
  • A regular exercise routine
  • 12+ business/leadership books read per year

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Our leaders achieve:

Predictable growth in revenue, profit, cash, widgets, and people expending less effort and time when they do the following three things:

1. Make Performance a Team Sport

  • Most work is done by teams
  • 83% of workers are on at least one team*
  • You are 2.3 times as likely to be fully engaged if you’re on a team than if you aren’t. *

As a leader, it is vital to figure out how to run and teach others to run teams efficiently and effectively.

“The biggest gauge of engagement is whether or not you trust your team leader.” – Marcus Buckingham

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“Bill provides some of the the highest ‘value per word’ of any consultant/coach I’ve ever met.””  Erik Waters, Owner, CFO, Adtech Systems

Catalyst clients are looking to “steer their ships” differently than conventional wisdom. Please watch the video below.

2. Build a Coherent Leadership Operating System

Exceptional companies think “different” and build upon four pillars of success:

Once you have all the proper questions, you can begin to focus on how you build a team, the proper solutions, and company to realize your long-term vision.  We will build a leadership operating system that applies a set of simple, practical and actionable tools and processes that reduce stress, create stronger relationships, and accelerate healthy growth – growth that you can predict and plan for.  This process allows you to spend more time working “on the business” rather than “in the business”.

“When people have the chance to think, they can easily discern between what’s essential and what’s not… We need to develop a routine that enables that space to think. In a world where we have so much information, we need more time to think and process it, not less.” Greg McKeown

We teach the same principles that exceptional leaders follow:

(American Icon book excerpt) On November 14, (2006) as he was finalizing his presentation for the board, Alan Mulally, Ford Motor CEO, finally managed to distill everything down to four simple points:

1 Aggressively restructure to operate profitably at the current demand and changing model mix. (EXECUTION)

2 Accelerate development of new products our customers want and value. (STRATEGY)

3 Finance our plan and improve our balance sheet. (CASH)

4 Work together effectively as one team. (PEOPLE)

3. Enjoy your life and your business even more!

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Get your life back.  

You can be like thousands of other exceptional business leaders who follow this framework.   Instead of the daily, interruptive process of running the business, you can focus “on the business”, instead of “in the business”.

Fire yourself from the day to day operations and focus on confidently predicting the future of your business!

*ADP Research Institute

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Be exceptional!

*According to Gallup and Mayflower Group Polls