Take the Guesswork out of Growth

Confidently Predict the Future of Your Business

Our leaders achieve two main outcomes:

  1. Predictable growth in revenue, profit, cash, and people expending less effort and time
  2. Optimal enterprise/exit value preparation,

when they do the following three things:

1. Ask the right questions

As a leader, your job is to figure out the few things that will propel your business further and faster than your industry.  Questions like:

  1. Would I enthusiastically “rehire” everyone on my team? every customer? every partner?
  2. How do I attract, hire and grow great team members?
  3. How do I spend more time on the business than in the business?
  4. How do I develop myself and the team to ensure we keep up with growth?
  5. How do I create an environment where the team seamlessly does what is best for the customer, the company and themselves? 

Asking the right questions like the ones above allows you to focus first on the What, the Why and the When making it easier to figure out the How and the Who.  Our clients design their own futures.  They first ask the big questions that help them realize their vision for the company. They set the bar high.

Our optimal client is the head of the company who has the following characteristics :

  • Encourages and respects input to clarify and improve direction
  • Challenges industry and company dogma 
  • Realizes a proven growth framework is needed for an organization to flourish 
  • Believes that to do more, they have to do less 
  • 3+ on the leadership team
  • $10MM – $500MM
  • New England-based
  • A regular exercise routine
  • 12+ business/leadership books read per year

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Catalyst clients are looking to “steer their ships” differently than conventional wisdom. Please watch the video below to learn more (9 mins).

2. Build a Leadership Operating System

The optimal strategy is a unique market position incorporating a differentiating set of interdependent activities resulting in the predictable creation of profitable customers.

– Porter, Drucker, and Flynn

Exceptional companies think “different” to focus on doing a few things exceptionally well:

Once you have all the proper questions, you can begin to focus on how you build a team, the proper solutions, and company to realize your long-term vision.  We will build a leadership operating system that applies a set of simple, practical and actionable tools and processes that reduce stress, create stronger relationships, and accelerate healthy growth – growth that you can predict and plan for.  This process allows you to spend more time working “on the business” rather than “in the business”.

These are critical steps to becoming an exceptional business and leader. Here is how we do it based on Scaling Up. (see Offerings for more details):

  1. Being a great place to work (PEOPLE) – The hiring and training of highly motivated and skilled people and placing them in the right jobs: creating a culture that gets the best possible results from each and every person
  2. Having a predictable path to success (STRATEGY) – An industry dominating, outcome-based and customer-focused strategy
  3. Hitting your goals (EXECUTION)  – An execution model that establishes strong habits and meaningful communication throughout the organization
  4. Funding phenomenal growth (CASH) – Enough cash to support all of the above

3. Enjoy your life and your business even more!

“Strive not to get more done, but to have less to do.”

– Francine Jay

happy, relaxed

Get your life back.  

You can be like thousands of other exceptional business leaders who follow this framework.   Instead of the daily, interruptive process of running the business, you can focus “on the business”, instead of “in the business”.

Fire yourself from the day to day operations and focus on the market-facing activities to grow your business in a predictable and industry-leading fashion.

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Be exceptional!

*According to Gallup and Mayflower Group Polls