Dmitriy Peregudov – CEO, GiftBasketsOverseas.com

Multi-million dollar online business that employs 45 people in multiple countries with thousands of customers Worldwide.

“Utilizing Bill’s and Gazelles’ concepts, we were able to define and refine our Core Values.  We executed several changes, restructured the team and changed the comp plan.  After a brief interaction with Bill, I am happy to report that the 3 months following these changes we have had our YTD revenue increase by 7% more than the same months of the previous year. The increase in revenue from this one short coaching session paid for several years of Bill’s fees.”  Dmitriy Peregudov, CEO, Gift Baskets Overseas

Recordsforce has been using Gazelles for a year and a half and we love it! It has made an amazing difference for me as CEO to have a real methodology for running my business.  BILL BECKER – President, Recordsforce

Global Educators is a CEO-by-committee, three-owner small business that is very unique in terms of our organizational structure. We brought Bill Flynn in as we were at a point in our growth where we believed we needed more systems and accountability in our business to take us to the next level. 
For businesses that are ready to think deeply about the kind of business they are and want to become, Bill Flynn would be an excellent choice. – Jeff, Rich, and Nick – “The GE Board”

I was in a YEO Forum with a guy who took his company from $7 million to $40 million; after hearing his repeated references to Verne Harnish, I finally attended the Rockefeller Habits workshop. Without ever going, I would still be running a mom and pop operation, and hating my job! SCOTT NASH – CEO  MOM’s,  Organic Market

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