“Bill’s principles, framework, and methodologies align very closely to my own Working Together Principles that were applied to measurable success at Boeing and Ford. I was proud to nominate Bill as an MG100 member to help us advance systemic, extensive leadership development that increasingly creates healthy, thriving businesses, and enhances human flourishing. I look forward to our continued work.”Alan Mulally, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company

“Congratulations on your successes – so well deserved, and more important so helpful to the world… and yes I do have (and so appreciate) your book!” – Amy Edmondson, HBS professor, author and coiner of term “psychological safety”.

“On behalf of AIM and the 3,500 members we represent, I wanted to thank you for delivering an outstanding presentation for our Thirty on Thursday webinar participants this morning.  Not only was the content relevant and timely, the delivery was flawless!  Having facilitated AIM’s CEO Connection Group for over 5 years, and having had several presenters on Growth and Resiliency, today’s webinar blew them out of the water!  Below is just one of the comments we received.” Beth Yohai, Vice President of Business Development at AIM HR Solutions

“This one was excellent, better than the other’s I listened to.  The whole series has been good but today’s on target for me.” – Further, Faster workshop attendee

“Bill provides some of the highest ‘value per word’ of any consultant (coach) I’ve ever met.” – Erik Waters, Co-Owner/CFO, Adtech Systems

“Thank you Bill for such a clear, accurate and eye opening workshop!” – Gil Almog, Chief Product Officer, MindCET – Edtech Innovation Center

“Utilizing Bill’s and Gazelles’ concepts, we were able to define and refine our Core Values.  We executed several changes, restructured the team and changed the comp plan.  After a brief interaction with Bill, I am happy to report that the 3 months following these changes we have had our YTD revenue increase by 7% over the same months of the previous year. The increase in revenue from this one short coaching session paid for several years of Bill’s fees.”  Dmitriy Peregudov, CEO, Gift Baskets Overseas

“I have been working with Bill Flynn on my business for over 9 months. The impact has been extraordinary in both how I view and manage my practice. I now have tools and strategies to make my practice grow through statistics and employee engagement and enthusiasm. I highly recommend Bill Flynn’s coaching services!” Dr.Brad Weiss – Founder, Owner – Performance Health Center

Bill is an incredibly thoughtful advisor.  His ability to help identify what’s most important with a few probing questions is remarkable.  He also brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to each discussion without blindly applying a framework.  He’s helped us synthesize information, bring clarity to our group discussions, and maintain momentum as we’ve worked to transform our strategic planning process.  If you want to be challenged and to challenge your team to learn, grow and adapt, Bill is a tremendous ally to have in your corner. – Dustin Campbell, CEO, Adtech Systems

Global Educators is a CEO-by-committee, three-owner small business that is unique in terms of our organizational structure. We brought Bill Flynn in as we were at a point in our growth where we believed we needed more systems and accountability in our business to take us to the next level.
For businesses that are ready to think deeply about the kind of business they are and want to become, Bill Flynn would be an excellent choice. – Jeff, Rich, and Nick – “The GE Board”

Access to Bill and his POV is a good thing for all. He has decades of experience in growing companies, translating strategy into actions and sales growth. He’s been through the struggles… and knows how to navigate to the next level. I strongly recommend Bill. –  Oliver Churchill, CEO Acuity SDS

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