After 3 decades in starting up and growing business in different roles and industries, as Printwell as 9+ years as a business advisor, 9-time VP, Sales, GM, CMO, Certified Gazelles coach, Vistage and Business Speaker, Certified Predictive Index Practitioner (see below) and Mass Challenge Mentor, Bill applies his servant-focused philosophy to help growth-oriented, open-minded business leaders to transform their companies from good to exceptional.

Bill’s experience includes 2 dozen companies including 20+ startups (10 operationally to date with 6 successful outcomes; advisor to the balance) starting at ground level with a few customers growing to thousands in a few years.

vistage logoHe has been involved in 2 IPOs and 7 acquisitions. His GM experience includes a successful division turnaround for a $120MM IT services company where he also was CMO.

Global experience includes opening/managing satellite offices in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Bill combines his extensive business experience and Gazelles training with proven practices and approaches from thought leaders such as Jim Collins, Michael Porter, Bob Bloom, Simon Sinek, Verne Harnish, Patrick Lencioni, Greg Crabtree and others.  He simplifies the process of running a successful business with tools and techniques that anyone can learn and use as a springboard to profitable and healthy growth.

ambassador-logoBill is also a proud PI Ambassador. The Predictive Index (PI) offers scientifically validated, workforce assessment software and management workshops that allow businesses to attract and select the best fits, manage people better, and create highly engaged and driven teams. Bill is happy to extend clients and prospects a complementary PI Executive Briefing.

“Bill has a unique combination of sales expertise and business acumen from years of experience working at startups. I worked with Bill for over a year and he was always professional, thoughtful, insightful and a great communicator. Most importantly, however, is Bill’s hunger to constantly improve his craft. He is constantly learning, improving and expanding his knowledge by applying new techniques or schools of thought to his repertoire.” – Adam Newman, Head of BD, Ekotrope

Deep industry knowledge

  • IT Services
  • e-commerce
  • Food Service
  • Digital/Mobile Advertising
  • Cyber Security
  • Construction/Home Building
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Green Technology

Strong skills

  • Operating Management
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Strategy & Market Development/Execution
  • Early stage startups
  • Hiring Methodology (esp. in sales)
  • Knowledge Transfer

“Bill is a gifted entrepreneur. I frequently go to him for advice for everything from choosing my next startup gig, to suggested books, to self-improvement. He gets it.” – Jessica, Former colleague

Bill enjoys helping others to create and grow great companies and cultures.  He looks forward to helping you and yours.

“Bill has great energy and is a very thoughtful guy. He has a ton of startup experience and has successfully helped a number of startup and young companies.”  Dan, CEO

His practice based just outside of Boston primarily serves New England but is open to traveling for the right opportunity.

Bill - GC

Bill Flynn – bill@catalystgrowthadvisors.com, 978-314-9888