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BILL FLYNN has collaborated with Alan Mulally, been endorsed by Amy Edmondson and Marshall Goldsmith, pitched Steve Jobs, accomplished much, failed often, and learned many useful lessons from thirty years of studying the science of success.

He is best described as a pragmatic Simon Sinek; an optimist and an operator.

Bill embodies his core purpose – simplified servanthood – by spending each working moment to help create a compassionately productive society by enabling enlightened leaders to focus on the few things that truly matter to their teams and key stakeholders. For having a great business is one way of making a better world.

He has worked for and advised hundreds of companies, including startups, where he has a long track record of success spanning multiple industries.  Bill has been a VP of Sales eight times, twice a CMO and once a GM of a division of a $100MM IT services company before he pivoted to becoming a business growth coach in 2015. Prior to, he had five successful outcomes, two IPOs, and seven acquisitions, including a turnaround during the 2008 financial crisis.

As a coach, in addition to being connected with MG 100, Women’s Business Collaborative, MassMEP, Small Giants, and EforAll, Bill has earned certifications from ScalingUp, Gravitas Impact, Metronome United, Predictive Index, Stakeholder Centered Coaching, and The Neuroleadership Institute. 

Bill’s best-selling book – Further, Faster – The Vital Few Steps that Take the Guesswork out of Growth continues to garner a nearly 5-Star rating generating demand for virtual and in-person national and international speaking opportunities.

Bill has been studying business for three decades. His thirty years of experience as an operator with ten different startups (50%+ success rate) enhances, validates, and operationalizes the research. Bill speaks on multiple topics including:

  • GROWTH – How to grow a healthy and thriving organization
  • FEEDBACK – How to provide a framework of feedback/feedforward to grow your team
  • CHANGE – How to introduce change that sticks
  • TEAMS – Performance as a team sport – culture, productivity, alignment
  • STRATEGY – How to create, develop and validate a market-dominating strategy
  • DECISION MAKING -How to make right decisions
  • HIRING – Successful hiring systems
  • MEETINGS – Why we suck and meetings and what to do about it
  • NEUROLEADERSHIP – How to create a brain-friendly company

Contact Bill for dates and rates – bill@catalystgrowthadvisors.com

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