Business Accelerator Cohort Program (CEO +2)

“The 3HAG system easily integrated strategic purpose into our execution process, resulting in us achieving annual growth rate of 30%+ consistently. Having experimented with other systems, I found 3HAG’s multi-system design uniquely beneficial in it’s ability to weave in different initiatives simultaneously, all under the #1 corporate goal of growing top-line revenue and bottom-line profit. Personally, I found that investing in the methodology, and the accompanying Metronome software application, aligned an experienced leadership team to maximize their potential, freeing me to focus on my own self-actualization.”
Vivek Thomas
Ex-President Maximizer



🚀 Tap into the Proven Scaling Up and Metronomics Methodologies used and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

🌎 Are you struggling to drive your business toward lasting growth, especially as you approach your annual planning cycle?  Join our 12-week accelerated masterclass (virtual, via ZOOM) and transform your company’s future with actionable insights and hands-on tools… NOW, in Q4, is the time to plan for your 2024 activities with new, proven approaches.

🛠️ Practical Excellence: Move beyond theory and into action as you discover not only “WHAT” needs to be done but, more importantly, “HOW TO DO IT.” Our intensive coaching sessions equip you with the tools to overcome the hurdles hindering your company’s sustainable growth.

👥 Expert Facilitation: Expert Facilitation: This program will be facilitated by 2 senior executive CEOs turned CEO plus Leadership Coaches with extensive global knowledge. Gain invaluable insights and guidance from industry leaders who understand the specific challenges you’re grappling with.

🔍 The Challenges: Many businesses find it challenging to navigate the complex landscape of modern markets, align their teams, and execute winning strategies—especially as they plan for the year ahead. This masterclass addresses these difficulties head-on.

🎯 Target Audience: CEOs, Presidents, and Owners of companies with at least $1 million and all those with up to $50 million in yearly sales, along with their leadership teams. Join a small cohort of a maximum of 6 companies.

🗓️ Twelve Sessions of 1.5 Hours Each: Every Thursday, @ 9:00 AM ET, starting

🤝 Collaborative Network: Forge valuable connections with proactive peers and establish an advisory board to fuel mutual business growth.

🌐 Global Insights: Benefit from the collective wisdom of 200+ Scaling Up Business Coaches operating worldwide. Craft personalized growth strategies that work for YOUR business.

🔑 The Solution: Master the 4 Decisions: Dive deep into PEOPLE – STRATEGY – EXECUTION – CASH, essential components that every leadership team must continuously update.


The Business Accelerator Cohort Program is a guided training program through a proven system to drive fast, predictable and profitable growth. This is for growth-oriented CEOs and their teams who are looking to confidently execute on a clear, compelling and differentiated strategy with a high-level, intrinsically-motivated team. By participating with other non-competitive company CEOs, we will be leveraging Social Learning Theory to affect attention, retention and reproduction of the system concepts and exercises.  These factors will allow you to implement the system faster and accelerate growth more easily.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT for the faint of heart.  This is a fast-paced, mentally challenging program for those looking to confront the brutal facts, share the “kind truth”, make decisions, and do the work.  

Those who do not consistently attend or put in the work each month will not survive the first year.  CEOs that have already gone through many years of this program rave about how it has changed their lives and businesses.

“I’m getting tons of value…, and having my team trained at the same time has made all the difference. We’ve been able to implement and make real positive changes in our company.”

Michael Togyi, CEO, BasicGov Systems


$2500/year for CEO plus two leadership team members

10-12 spots per class available. There are no competitive companies on a roundtable.  First competitive company on this list gets the seat (Deposit required).