How to dramatically increase employee engagement with one question

For those who have team members reporting to them, ask yourself this simple question every day. What can I do today to make the employee experience better than it was yesterday? Make a plaque, create a screensaver with this question, or just put a stickie where you can see it.  Find a way to keep this topContinue reading “How to dramatically increase employee engagement with one question”

Does running your business sometimes feel like this?

This will be my last post of 2018.  Happy New Year to everyone!  I thought I would end the year on a humorous note. Enjoy! Have you ever had one of these days? The optimal way to avoid this tragic business metaphor is to build your company as if you are going to get, at anyContinue reading “Does running your business sometimes feel like this?”

Want to keep your best employees?  Stop doing this.

About 30 years ago, I worked for an organization that I can now see was poorly run.  At 22, I did not know any better.  The zeitgeist was passive-aggressive, authoritarian management.  For instance, one day, out of the blue, we were all told that from now on we had to be in the office by 8:30am orContinue reading “Want to keep your best employees?  Stop doing this.”

Highly Successful Groups’ Playbook

New England Patriots Nordstrom 1980 Men’s Olympic Hockey Team SouthWest Golden State Warriors US Navy Seals Zappos UCLA Bruins under John Wooden Google All of these organizations have one thing in common – Great Team Cultures.  In his latest book, Culture Code, Dan Coyle connects the dots around how to build and nurture a great culture.  Coyle researchedContinue reading “Highly Successful Groups’ Playbook”

Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas

Your team may have some of the best ideas to move the company forward – some big, some not so big – but forward nonetheless. Have you ever done or said something like the 3 items below to help foster new ideas? Set up a process to submit ideas that prove an economic advantage to the company “Come to meContinue reading “Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas”

Leaders – Stop giving advice. Even if they ask for it.

What is the most efficient way to go from impasse to insight to action?  We too often mistakenly think it is to tell people what to do.  Here are a few reasons why neuroscience says that does not work in the long run and sometimes even in the short run: We almost always give advice to theContinue reading “Leaders – Stop giving advice. Even if they ask for it.”

Develop a culture of trust

According to many in the neuroscience field including the NeuroLeadership Institute, our brains sometimes fool us into thinking we are in a high threat (life or death) situation for the least likely reasons. For instance, I was asked to speak in front of a cadre of coaches many of whom were more experienced than I. To showContinue reading “Develop a culture of trust”

How Alan Mulally saved Ford Motor Company with four simple decisions

“Bill’s principles, framework, and methodologies align very closely to my own Working Together Principles that were applied to measurable success at Boeing and Ford.  I was proud to nominate Bill as an MG100 member to help us advance systemic, extensive leadership development that increasingly creates healthy, thriving businesses, and enhances human flourishing. I look forward to ourContinue reading “How Alan Mulally saved Ford Motor Company with four simple decisions”

Three ways to create a Growth Mindset Culture

Do you work in a Growth Mindset Culture? If you hear these types of statements….. “In this company, there’s a lot of cheating, taking shortcuts, and cutting corners.” “In this company, people often hide information and keep secrets.” “Everyone wants to be the superstar by any means possible.” “We will never figure this out.” …youContinue reading “Three ways to create a Growth Mindset Culture”

Avoid losing millions in revenue and profit

From Howard Shore’s new book Your Business is a Leaky Bucket, there are many ways that businesses lose revenue and profit such as the following: Mediocre hiring practices: Hiring and Keeping B and C players in critical positions Leaving critical positions vacant Lacking a standard interview process Excessive turnover/Regrettable turnover Lack of alignment The leadership teamContinue reading “Avoid losing millions in revenue and profit”