Does running your business sometimes feel like this?

This will be my last post of 2018.  Happy New Year to everyone!  I thought I would end the year on a humorous note. Enjoy! Have you ever had one of these days? The optimal way to avoid this tragic business metaphor is to build your company as if you are going to get, at anyContinue reading “Does running your business sometimes feel like this?”

Four ways to increase meeting productivity

How often are you or others distracted in meetings? What % of your meetings do you consider wasted time? Studies show that executives feel that between 30-50% of meeting time is unproductive. Here are a few simple things you can do to increase focused attention and meeting productivity (from Mind of a Leader): Bring your body andContinue reading “Four ways to increase meeting productivity”

Do more that matters by doing less

As a leader, you make dozens, if not hundreds of decisions each week.  If you took the time to write them all down and then identified the ones that made a significant impact on the team and/or the business, I bet you could count those important and significant decisions on one hand.  Imagine if you madeContinue reading “Do more that matters by doing less”

Poker chips and Paper Clips

Often times, meetings are dominated by a few people who grab the stage often and sometimes hold it longer than necessary. Most often they are the extroverts and “verbalizers”.  Many times, they blurt out the first thing that comes to mind to control and dominate the conversation. Allowing this to happen regularly can create a stressed team dynamic. ItContinue reading “Poker chips and Paper Clips”

How Alan Mulally saved Ford Motor Company with four simple decisions

“Bill’s principles, framework, and methodologies align very closely to my own Working Together Principles that were applied to measurable success at Boeing and Ford.  I was proud to nominate Bill as an MG100 member to help us advance systemic, extensive leadership development that increasingly creates healthy, thriving businesses, and enhances human flourishing. I look forward to ourContinue reading “How Alan Mulally saved Ford Motor Company with four simple decisions”

Banish Boring Meetings Forever

Tired of useless and boring meetings? People don’t hate meetings. They hate boring meetings.  The problem is that most meetings are boring. They are like hushed games of golf and should be more like a spirited game of hockey. Those who are afraid to have a productive fight or as Pat Lencioni states “healthy conflict” areContinue reading “Banish Boring Meetings Forever”

If you do these 7 things well, you will almost certainly be successful

Compiled from different sources* and my own experience, I believe that if you do these seven things well, you will almost certainly be successful: Create a success vision – How can you recognize that you have arrived if you do not know what the destination looks like beforehand?  Your first step is to create a positive visionContinue reading “If you do these 7 things well, you will almost certainly be successful”

Avoid losing millions in revenue and profit

From Howard Shore’s new book Your Business is a Leaky Bucket, there are many ways that businesses lose revenue and profit such as the following: Mediocre hiring practices: Hiring and Keeping B and C players in critical positions Leaving critical positions vacant Lacking a standard interview process Excessive turnover/Regrettable turnover Lack of alignment The leadership teamContinue reading “Avoid losing millions in revenue and profit”

Shorten Sales Cycle Time from Months to Days

Please accept this simple tip provided by Verne Harnish’s articleFive Crucial Techniques for Doubling Revenue.  Other than price, nothing improves cash flow and revenue faster than reducing cycle time. From my experience and research, seeing, hearing and sensing someone’s reaction dramatically increase your chances of closing a sale.  Decisions are made on an emotional basis.  Being there to witness theContinue reading “Shorten Sales Cycle Time from Months to Days”

2-days of Productive Yearly Planning

It is that time of year again.  The annual “off-site” planning process for next year and beyond.  If you are looking for suggestions or an alternative approach, I have provided a 60-day pre-planning process and 2-day meeting agenda that has been used successfully for many years.  Please note that it is skewed slightly towards the ScalingUpContinue reading “2-days of Productive Yearly Planning”