Four ways to increase meeting productivity

Portrait Of Sad Business TeamHow often are you or others distracted in meetings?

What % of your meetings do you consider wasted time? Studies show that executives feel that between 30-50% of meeting time is unproductive.

Here are a few simple things you can do to increase focused attention and meeting productivity (from Mind of a Leader):

  1. Bring your body and your mind – At the beginning of each meeting, invite everyone to join in one minute of silence before getting started. Although for some people a moment of silence can seem strange, in our experience, it can become quickly adopted as people appreciate the benefits of having a moment to settle in. This simple one minute can be key to helping everyone mentally arrive—versus just being there physically—in the meeting with a little more focus and presence.  I have also used simple and fun ice breakers to accomplish the same.
  2. Eliminate distraction – During the meeting, have a collective agreement that phones and laptops are off or put away unless specifically required. If even one person is busy writing emails, texting, or reading tMeeting humorhe news during a meeting, it has a negative impact on the collective focus.  Research shows that just having your phone out on the table in front of you drops your IQ by 10 points. Here are some tips to reduce your phone distraction.
  3. Focus and Clarity – It is also important that meeting objectives are clear and that someone is leading the meeting and ensuring everyone sticks to the agenda. This helps everyone stay more on task and engaged. I have provided a link below to Meetings with Purpose – Daily, Weekly, Monthly – sample agendas.
  4. End early – Toward the end of the meeting, establish a collective discipline of ending five minutes before the scheduled end time—often at the top or the bottom of the hour. These five minutes enable everyone to have time to transition mindfully to their next meeting.  You can also use part of this time to have everyone provide a one-word or one-phrase close to the meeting to guide you toward improving future meetings.

I have also provided a link (under Business Resources, Execution #3)  to daily, weekly and monthly “Meetings with Purpose” sample agendas.

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Bill  – Certified Premium Scaling Up/Gravitas Impact Coach

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