Leaders Have The Power To Create Time

Leaders have the power to create time!

Good initial decisions pay dividends for years, allowing free time and lower stress. Poor decisions waste time, increase anxiety, and drain energy.

Good decisions need good thinking. According to Daniel Kahneman, Nobel prize winner, slowing your thinking is critical when making important decisions.

If you are constantly busy, it may be that you have made poor decisions that you are often correcting.  Decision making serves us best when we are solving unique problems once instead of solving the same or similar problems over and over again.

Some exemplary key decisions to make:

  1. Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your team? If not, how do you optimize your team so you have the right people in the right seats doing the right things right? (e.g., Move them over, move them up/train them, move them out)
  2. Is everyone on your team in a position to use their unique strengths every day at work?
  3. Do you know what causes your best customers to buy from you in a predictably repeatable fashion?
  4. What type of decision making framework to use.
  5. What type of change process to use.
  6. How do I teach everyone on my team to run an effective meeting?
  7. How do I teach the most critical operating standards to my entire organization?
  8. What are the core principles that are used to run the company? (i.e. Core values, purpose, objectives?)
  9. How do I keep these core principles alive every day?

When you continually solve the problem that’s causing the problem that is right in front of you, you begin to carve out a little more time in your and everyone else’s day. More on that in this article about looking upstream.

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