Who is looking for a new job?

These days with WFH being more prevalent, employee engagement remaining low and the continual reminder of the Great Resignation, it is hard to get a read on how your team is doing.

The following are a set of questions with True/False answers to ask your team to help you see what is going in in their heads. This list is derived is from research Bob Moesta conducted in conjunction with Harvard Business School regarding managing human capital. Here are the findings he uncovered rephrased into T/F questions.

    • I respect or trust the people on my team.
    • I feel that my work has little or no impact on the company, the world, or my life.
    • The way I’m managed day to day is wearing me down.
    • I feel like the company is struggling, and I feel the end is near.
    • When I end up with a new manager, and I feel like I’m starting over.
    • I feel disrespected and not trusted.
    • I recently realized a personal life event or milestone, i.e., I just turned thirty, had a child, etc.
    • I recently reached a milestone at my job or career, i.e., I received my MBA, celebrated ten years at the company.
    • My work is dominating my life and I’m sacrificing myself and my family to get things done.
    • A trusted advisor/mentor has recently guided me to my next step.
    • I am challenged beyond my abilities, logic, or ethics.
    • I feel like I’m not challenged, or I’m bored in my current work
    • I can‘t see a place for me to go or grow in my current organization, or it will be too long/too hard.

    He believes that if any five or more of these are true, people are likely to be looking for a new job. You may not get truthful replies to all of these questions but hopefully enough to help you draw conclusions. Good luck!

    Additionally, here is an article I wrote a short while ago to give you some suggestions on how to keep the ones you do not want to lose.

    Be Exceptional!

    Bill – Certified Growth Coach, Foundations in NeuroLeadership certified, PI Certified Partner, 100COACHES member coach


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