5 Stages of Decline that can destroy an organization

Jim Collins provides us with reminders of how easily we can slip into a Valley of Death Some of these I have experienced or committed myself.
The 5 stages of decline are:
1. Hubris Born of Success – One of the key drivers of failure is success without humility. This phenomenon tricks a leader into thinking he can do no wrong.
2. Undisciplined Pursuit of More – Most businesses die or struggle from indigestion, not starvation.
3. Denial of Risk and Peril – When we are too often looking down and not out, we can be caught unawares. Blockbuster, Xerox, IBM, Nokia, Microsoft under Ballmer are cautionary tales.
4. Grasping for Salvation – This is where undisciplined decision making happens far too often.
5. Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death – Often, this happens so far in the future that you blame external forces when it was an internal decision or two made long ago that started the inevitable slide to oblivion

Fear not! I have provided a checklist (Further, Faster Checklist link below) and an entire book (free pdf or paid version) dedicated to avoiding these stages of decline. Enjoy!
Further Faster Checklist
Be exceptional!

Bill – Certified Growth Coach, Foundations in NeuroLeadership certified, PI Certified Partner, MG100 member coach

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