CEO/Team leader priorities checklist

Start with Vision, end with Cash

Here is a checklist for any leader of any organization. I recommend going over it by yourself weekly and with your team monthly to make sure all are aligned. It is a subset of my Further, Faster Checklist that I recommend the leadership team review once or twice/year.

  1. Liberally share a compelling, written, and vivid vision
    • Buy this book from Cameron Herold (Vivid Vision), follow the steps, share with everyone
  2. Be the standard bearer of culture
    • The ultimate game of follow the leader for purpose, values and vision
  3. Cultivate an environment that consistently develops great team leaders
    • Performance is a team sport. Teach your team to be great team leaders and help them pass it on
  4. Oversee a system to attract, hire, develop and compassionately exit “great fit” team members
    • People join a company and stay for the team. Hire for fit, minimal skill and added value
  5. Ensure the development of a unique and compelling strategy (usually done by the Senior Leadership Team)
    • When it comes to strategy, different and better are best but different is always better than better (and best). Better is hard. (Unique = Southwest, IKEA, Apple, Netflix, Nike, Disney, Winterhalter, Tesla and so on)
  6. Establish a nearly flawless, multi-level execution system
    • Only three things matter – Priorities, metrics, meetings. Focus on constantly improving each.
  7. Use cash as the primary financial driver of growth
    • Growth sucks cash. Cash is an antecedent. Decide what you need to do to accomplish the previous six aforementioned items and how much it is going to cost next quarter, year, and 3 years. Build your plan to that end.

As mentioned above, leverage my Further Faster checklist (#1 on this Resources list) to get a quick view from your team to see where you should focus first. Reading my book might help too!

Be exceptional!

Bill  – Certified Growth Coach, Foundations in NeuroLeadership certified, Predictive Index Certified Partner

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