The Power of Great Feedback

Short video – Useful and effective feedback technique from The Knowledge Project 

Some of you may recall a post from a few months ago about my thoughts on Radical Candor. I believe its premise and guidance are not the optimal way to help people improve and grow. It also lacks scientific support.

I have come to learn through neuroscience and cognitive psychology research that feedback is one of the worst ways to help another progress.

As a follow up, here is a 5-minute video from Jeff Hunter which is an excerpt of his much longer The Knowledge Project interview. It is 104 minutes long but, for me, it flew by. Hunter provides a process I really like that aligns with current research. He bridges the gap between what science knows and business does.

In a nutshell:

  1. Agree on the standard of excellence for the topic at hand
  2. Relate your experience/reaction to the achievement of that standard
  3. Discuss the other person’s experience to the achievement of that standard
  4. Identify the gap between the standard of excellence based on mutual understanding
  5. Work together to bridge the gap

This approach lines up well with Marcus Buckingham’s research on the subject which goes a step further and is less about correcting what you believe is wrong and more about celebrating what you believe went well.

Final word: I strongly believe that the ultimate goal of any type of feedback is growth.  Let’s focus more on that and less about caring deeply and challenging directly or the s#it sandwich or any other outdated feedback technique.  The fastest and most effective way to help people grow is to find every possible opportunity to help them do what they love to do as often as humanly possible (at least 20% of the time).


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