Growth Roundtable participants see 3x growth in 3 years

“The 3HAG system easily integrated strategic purpose into our execution process, resulting in us achieving annual growth rate of 30%+ consistently. Having experimented with other systems, I found 3HAG’s multi-system design uniquely beneficial in it’s ability to weave in different initiatives simultaneously, all under the #1 corporate goal of growing top-line revenue and bottom-line profit. Personally, I found that investing in the methodology, and the accompanying Metronome software application, aligned an experienced leadership team to maximize their potential, freeing me to focus on my own self-actualization.”
Vivek Thomas
Ex-President Maximizer

Please find the following proven process that may be of interest to get you started (or a CEO you know) to confidently scaling your business with the help of a coach, premium-peer group, and your engaged leadership team.

Take the Guesswork out of Growth C-Suite Roundtables


Accelerating growth through peer-based shared learning and growth

  • Accelerate business growth by making a complex strategy clear, simple and memorable for all – Proven model where high performers have tripled business in three years!
  • Increase profitability and COH – Build a financial fortress
  • Decrease risk of making wrong turns – Coach and like-minded peer accountability
  • Increase team and individual accountability and development – Manager -> Leader -> Coach
  • Full team confidence and engagement – Unite the team around a common purpose and compelling outcome.

How it works (Sample One Year agenda below)

  • Monthly moderated CEO roundtable meetings (8/year)
  • Quarterly leadership team learning events (4/year)
  • One-on-one CEO monthly coaching calls (12/year)
  • Private online community access
  • Metronome Growth Systems software access
  • Other growth tools, books and assessments included
  • Non-competitive rule
  • Fun and Effective


Take the Guesswork out of Growth C-Suite Roundtable is a guided training program through a proven system to drive fast, predictable and profitable growth. This is for growth-oriented CEOs who are looking to confidently execute on a clear, compelling and differentiated strategy with a high-level, intrinsically-motivated team. You will participate with nine other non-competitive company CEOs that will hold you accountable and accelerate your learning. 

IMPORTANT: This is NOT for the faint of heart.  This is a fast-paced, mentally challenging program for those looking to confront the brutal facts, share the “kind truth”, make decisions and do the work.  Those who do not consistently attend or put in the work each month will not survive the first year.  CEOs that have already gone through many years of this program rave about how it has changed their lives and businesses.

“I’m getting tons of value from the CEO Roundtable and the Growth Strategy Program, and having my team trained at the same time has made all the difference. We’ve been able to implement and make real positive changes in our company.”

Michael Togyi, CEO, BasicGov Systems

“Over the past four years, Shannon* has been a terrific coach and friend to AML Oceanographic.  Her guidance has allowed us to rewrite both the culture and strategy of our 44-year-old company, resulting in 52% growth over the past one year.”

Robert Haddock, CEO, AML Oceanographic (CEO Roundtable member – ACETECH)

*Please note that I am a certified coach in Shannon’s organization. Metronome United.

Success Formula
– Aligned Team + Proven Growth Framework (3HAG) + CEO Peer Accountability => Predictable, Accelerated Scalability

– Differentiated, competitive, and profitable strategy combined with flawless execution driven by motivated team.  High performers have tripled top and bottom lines within three years.


$1500/month for qualifying companies through WorkForceTraining Fund Program – $3000/month otherwise.

Only 10 spots per roundtable available and there are no competitive companies on a roundtable.  First competitive company on this list gets the seat!  The first roundtable will be offered in the Greater Boston area (probably Waltham).

Please send me an email to indicate your interest and pre-reserve your seat –  Once I have enough committed, we will start the roundtable.

Be Exceptional!


P.S.  This CEO Roundtable is based on a system that sits on top of any business operating system – EOS, ScalingUp, GGOB, e-Myth, Four Disciplines of Execution or any of the other dozens that are out there.  What that means is that you can use the same language, tools etc. you are used to.  I have been helping to run companies and studying business for 30 years and this is, by far, the most complete system I have come across to take the guesswork out of growth and to give you more of your life back.

P.P.S.  This is different from Vistage, EO, YPO and other excellent peer advisory options.  I am a fan of those options as well as they focus more holistically than this program.  This is a classroom model teaching a proven-growth framework with your peers.

First year sample agenda^

Month  Growth Framework Component   AttendeesDuration
Kick off: Gut out a 3HAGLeadership Team*Full Day 
Key Foundations  CEO only Half Day 
Market Stakeholder Map                CEO only  Half Day 
Function Chart/KPFM               Leadership Team*Full Day 
Core Objectives/Vivid Vision reviewCEO only Half Day 
1HAG Targets/Planning              CEO only  Half Day 
Quarterly Targets/Planning         Leadership Team*Full Day 
Core Customer                             CEO only Half Day 
Attribution Map                              CEO only  Half Day 
10 Meeting Rhythms                  CEO only Half Day 
11 3HAG rolling forward/Team Alignment Leadership Team*Full Day 
12 Talent Assessment/Coaching           CEO onlyHalf Day

^Will adjust based on time of year and group
*Includes CEO

Published by Bill Flynn

Gazelles Member Advisor and early stage startup specialist with a proven track record with 16 Boston-based startups (9 to date with 5 successful outcomes, advisor to 7 others); SMB to Fortune 500 companies. 20+ years of Senior Sales, Marketing and GM experience in industries including mobile advertising, security, digital advertising, e-commerce and IT. Core Competencies: Player/Coach, Metrics-driven, Execution-based philosophy, Life-long learner

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