Start the Annual Strategic Planning Process Now (you need 60+ days to prepare)

Dream Goal Plan ActionIf your team does not leave the 2-3 day planning session energized and aligned for at least the next 12 months, you have wasted a great opportunity and a significant amount of money and time. 
Finding, in 2019, the one or two key things you can accomplish that will improve the business significantly may be the difference between a decent and a phenomenal year.  Don’t just plan for planning sake – plan for greatness.
“There is nothing quite so useless, as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker
For MA businesses, as an approved provider in the State of Massachusetts, a certified as a growth coach,  a certified NeuroLeadership and Predictive Index Practitioner, if you choose, I am an option to assist in the planning process. The benefits to you are to have a seasoned coach and facilitator help plan and run these vital sessions while having the state subsidize 50% of the fees for qualified companies.  Here is the foundation you will begin to put in place:
  1. Being a great place to work – The attracting, hiring and training of highly motivated and skilled people. Placing them in the right jobs doing the right things. Creating a culture that gets the best possible results.
  2. Having a predictable path to success – An industry dominating, outcome-based market strategy
  3. Hitting your goals consistently  – An execution model that establishes strong habits throughout the organization
  4. Funding phenomenal growth – Enough cash to support all of the above
We are too busyFor those ready to do it on their own (DIY), please follow this link to my Resources page that contains a 60-day pre-planning process to get ready as well as a sample two-day agenda (under Business Resources, Other, #5).  Please use this link to book a 15-minute consultation (DIY) or pre-qualification meeting with me to discuss having a 3rd party participate in the process.  (If you are not in MA and interested, please feel free contact me to discuss alternatives. Your state may have a similar program.)
Be Exceptional!
Bill  – Certified Premium Scaling Up/Gravitas Impact Coach

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