The Power of the Brand Promise Guarantee

‘The guarantee is proof that we’re a great company. We’re willing to tell our customers that if they don’t like our service for any reason, it’s our fault, not theirs, and we’ll make it right.’ I realized then that the guarantee is far more than a simple piece of paper that puts customers at ease. It really sets the tone, externally and, perhaps more important, internally, for our commitment to our customers and workers.” – Mitchell Fromstein, president and CEO of Manpower – Excerpt from The Power of Unconditional Guarantees – HBR article

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*BBBK’s Key Customers were Restaurants and Hotels

The decades-old HBR article shows you that this is not a new idea.  However, it is rarely achieved since it takes hard work, alignment, and time to pull it off.  The benefits are seen on your business top and bottom lines as well as in culture and employee engagement. The Brand Promise and Guarantee mainly result from the following key steps:

  1. Clarity from Core Purpose, Values and BHAG
  2. Truly understanding what your Core Customer wants and values
  3. Nailing your economic engine – a.k.a. Profit/X
  4. Mapping out in detail your Core Competencies and Differentiators
  5. Relentless pursuit on your X-factor – 10-100X growth accelerator

Please note that this is not a generic 100% money back guarantee as that is not a differentiator.  This is a guarantee that reinforces what your most profitable customer uniquely values and you can reliably deliver time and time again that viable alternatives cannot.

According to Shannon Susko, successful entrepreneur and author, you know you when you have created a truly unique Brand Promise and Guarantee when you answer “YES!” to the following questions:

  1. Does the Brand Promise and Guarantee attract the most profitable customers that buy with little to no convincing necessary?
  2. Do your competitors think you are crazy?
  3. Does it instantly differentiate you in the marketplace?
  4. Can you reliably deliver on the Brand Promise and Guarantee operationally?

How did you do?  Please set up a 15-minute conversation with me if you are interested in learning how you can do this for yourself or with a coach.  I have provided a roadmap to give you a visual timeline of how we build your Brand Promise, Guarantee and overall business into a highly-functioning system,

Be Exceptional!

Bill  – Certified Premium Scaling Up/Gravitas Impact Coach

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