Leaders, for the most part, do almost everything wrong…but don’t have to

Food for thought

After decades of study, experience, and working and speaking with hundreds of CEOs and companies around the world over the past few years, I have found the following, for the most part:

  1. We do change wrong – 70% of change initiatives fail
  2. We do decisions making wrong – We rarely have a standard process
  3. We do vision wrong – Visions are clear, detailed, painted pictures, not statements.
  4. We do people wrong – We are all a little crazy, irrational and impulsive
  5. We do teams wrong – Most teams do not show up on the org chart
  6. We do feedback wrong – People do not want feedback
  7. We do innovation wrong – Insight and creation is messy. instructional failure is good.
  8. We do Strategy wrong – Unique is better than better or best
  9. We do meetings wrong – We waste $37 billion each year
  10. We do hiring wrong – The chance of a solid hire is the same as flipping a coin

Here is why I think this happens too often:

  1. There is a meaningful gap between what science knows and business does.
  2. Few things truly matter, but those that do matter tremendously. Leaders do not spend enough time here.
  3. Leaders rely too much on effort, luck, timing and force of will to achieve “success”.

I think it is a shame that the majority of businesses fail and many struggle for completely preventable reasons. Flourishing businesses focus on a few key areas. These are some of the reasons why I wrote my book, Further, Faster (free download).

Be exceptional!

Bill  – Certified Growth Coach, Foundations in NeuroLeadership certified, Predictive Index Certified Partner

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Published by Bill Flynn

Gazelles Member Advisor and early stage startup specialist with a proven track record with 16 Boston-based startups (9 to date with 5 successful outcomes, advisor to 7 others); SMB to Fortune 500 companies. 20+ years of Senior Sales, Marketing and GM experience in industries including mobile advertising, security, digital advertising, e-commerce and IT. Core Competencies: Player/Coach, Metrics-driven, Execution-based philosophy, Life-long learner

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