How to Design a Better Hiring Process

Hiring? – Flip a coin

  1. There is data that shows the chance of a successful hire is fifty percent.
  2. Neuroscience shares that the standard interview process is fundamentally flawed and rife with biases.

I believe that the worst way to hire someone is the standard interview process (e.g., strengths and weaknesses, how would you act in this situation?). The best way is to hire technically qualified candidates who seem like a cultural fit on a trial basis – 90-120 days – but that can be inefficient.  The next best way is to put them into as many likely scenarios to see how they will behave in key situations.  This HBR articleHow to Design a Better Hiring Process is a stellar example of how one company has flipped the interview process. 

They break it down into four parts:

  1. Questions – For example, ask them to teach you something they know very well.
  2. Technical skills – “Expert” interview to test technical knowledge, skills and abilities.
  3. Writing skill – Samples are provided
  4. Games – Play collaboration games to see how they interact with the team

For what it is worth, this is the best example I have seen on how to do behavioral interviewing well.  I highly recommend you or someone on your team (or your client’s team) read this and come up with recommendations specific to your organization on how to conduct similar interviews. Especially if your retention rate and/or employee engagement is not where you want it to be.

You will not regret it.

Be exceptional!

Bill  – Certified Growth Coach, Foundations in NeuroLeadership certified, Predictive Index Certified Partner

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