How engaged are your employees? – Ask one question.

If your company is like most, 10-15% of your employees are inspired. Another 10-15% are engaged.  The other 60-80% fall somewhere between disengaged and dissatisfied.*   If you are wondering how your company is doing, I recommend that you ask your organization this one simple question:

“How confident are you that you won’t receive retaliation or criticism if you admit an error or make a mistake?”

Two HBR articles and two best-selling books that can help you to create a highly engaged and psychologically safe culture follow:

To close, here is some compelling math based on stats provided by the aforementioned research:

An inspired employee is more than twice as productive as a satisfied employee and more than three times as productive as a dissatisfied employee.  Yet, only one in eight employees is inspired. 

(Actual math: If the above is true and you doubled the inspired employee rate from 10 to 20 people, your overall productivity rate would go up at least 11%.  Further, if half of your team were inspired, productivity would go up at least 33%)

All of this is completely in your control and the impact to payroll is negligible.

How are you creating an inspiring environment for your team? Please see my previous article for more on this topic.

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* According to recent Gallup and Mayflower Group polls

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