Take the Guesswork out of Growth – Senior Leadership Team Workshop

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Take the Guesswork out of Growth – Four Hour ScalingUp Workshop

Comments from most recent workshop.

” I wish I had met you 10 years ago when I was just getting started.  That could have catapulted my business forward a lot.”
“I wanted to take a moment and thank you again for an excellent workshop.   I walked away with many new ways of thinking about things and assessing myself with a different matrix than I am currently using.”

Please join us the morning of September 17th for this CEO workshop (8am-12pm) taking place in the stylish main conference room at:

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345 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

IMPORTANT: Workshop designed for CEOs, business owners AND their leadership teams to work on the few key business decision that matter.  Please bring at least one key person with you.

“When people have the chance to think, they can easily discern between what’s essential and what’s not… We need to develop a routine that enables that space to think. In a world where we have so much information, we need more time to think and process it, not less.” – Greg McKeown, author Essentialism

The Problem

The dilemma that too many businesses face is that they rely on luck, effort and timing to continue to scale their companies.  This often leads to burnout (especially the key employees you rely on consistently) and inconsistent results as well as stalling and sometimes death of the business.

The Solution

To gain outsized success, we need to see predictive scaling as a framework; a system that where we dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement and deliberately focus on the few things that truly matter to your team and your core customers.  This continuous improvement will help us to carve out a unique and valuable strategy combined with flawless execution to provide you with growing confidence in your ability to predict your future.

The key is to systematically and deliberately simplify – do more by doing less.

This workshop will leverage the seminal work done by Verne Harnish and ScalingUp – Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0.  We will be referencing the core principles followed by leaders and companies such as these:

  • Southwest
  • Vanguard (under John Bogle)
  • Dyson
  • Intel (under Andy Grove) 
  • IKEA
  • Apple
  • Atlassian
  • Virgin
  • Ford (under Alan Mullally)
  • HubSpot


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$395 per attendee

$995 per company (Company is 3 or more individuals)

Refreshments and light snacks provided

*Room capacity – 13 people. Please sign up today guarantee a spot.